Eulogy for Yego Dancer


Honorine always had a smile on her face.

Honorine was born in 1996. Her home is located in Ndera in the northern part of Kigali but her parents come from the northern part of Rwanda. Honorine’s father died when she was still an infant. She was raised by her mother in traumatic and challenging life conditions. But her mother tirelessly did all she could to make ends meet with her only child.

We got to experience Honorine’s light when she joined the Yego family back in 2012, when she had some difficulties coming to terms with her childhood issues. The Yego youth dancing program helped her to break her isolation, share her issues, receive counselling and heal. This dance program became an outlet to express her unspoken feelings. Yego Rwanda continued to be there for her, providing some of her basic needs for school, plus counselling and followup when she finished high school in 2016.

Honorine, 3rd from left, with Yego dancers.

After she finished her secondary school education, Honorine secured a cleaning job in the industrial zone. She was able to help herself and her mother, giving their lives a little stability. She continued to be part of the dancing program. Honorine was a very good dancer and helped mentor younger dancers.

After being ill for two days, Honorine passed away suddenly, leaving her mother and doctors oblivious of what caused her death. She left us on the 16th of April, 2020. May her soul rest in peace.




We were left in shock after losing such a beautiful soul who was recovering from her wounds. Everyone who knew and appreciated Honorine are devasted to lose this young lady who had such a promising future. It was also painful to us because we were unable to attend her funeral due to the coronavirus lockdown. But we are happy that, along with some of her fellow dancers living close by, we were able to visit her mother to convey condolences on behalf of the Yego family.

Honorine’s mother (in dress with red bows) with her neighbour and Yego dancers.

To this day, we haven’t fully recovered from losing our beautiful, vibrant soul that was a joy to be around.


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COVID-19 and YEGO Rwanda

Rwanda on lockdown

Like much of the world, Rwandans are being told to stay home and stay safe. It’s been over a month and the lockdown deadlines continue to be extended. There have been 153 cases of COVID-19 in the country, with 84 recovered and no deaths to date.* The lockdown is working, but it’s also causing hardship for some.

While schools, churches, government offices and businesses are closed, only food shops, hospitals and pharmacies remain open. Most of the women supported by Yego survive on daily small jobs. But now they’ve lost their small businesses, have no income and are home with their children. Most of Yego’s beneficiaries have no food and need help.

Yesterday Athanasie and Emmanuel were able to deliver groceries to 10 families who were in great need. Many more need help. Your prayers are deeply appreciated. If you’d like to make a donation, please see our donation page for details.


Emmanuel and Athanasie buy groceries for Yego families.




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Yego Rwanda April 2020 Update Report

Grace, Mercy and Emmanuel Gatera have prepared a report on the latest updates from Yego Rwanda. It includes information on:

  • the first computer-assisted learning class graduation
  • the launch of the sewing classes
  • the elite newcomer’s retreat
  • returning women and girl’s retreat
  • the inaugural men’s retreat
  • visits to vulnerable families
  • visit to the daycare centre
  • workshop for teachers
  • COVID-19 difficulties

To read the report, see April2020-Update.

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Retreat #3

Mar 13 – 15: Peace and Reconciliation Men’s Retreat

Day 1

This was the first retreat held for men. Participants listened attentively to the sessions, but worked in silence when they were at the tables. Kae changed direction by encouraging a 30-minute soccer game. After that they started to talk. By supper time there was general chatter and laughter around the tables. Card playing at the end of the day furthered their team building.

Day 2

Werner taught a lesson on Joseph and we brainstormed words for how Joseph might have felt at different stages. The men worked in groups to complete the sentence, “I feel —— when ———. Kae used Psalm 23 and asked them to share why they placed their sheep where they did. They also shared around the tables as they made their own shepherds and sheep. At each step the level of sharing increased.

Following afternoon tea they opened up and all shared their stories, some speaking more than once. This was what we were working toward. The men enjoyed games, soccer, singing and even an entertaining and laughter-filled talent show in the evening where everyone was included and cheered on.

Day 3

Morning worship was lively with singing and dancing. When the men shared at the last session they all expressed their appreciation for the retreat. They have new friends who understand them and will support them.



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YEGO daycare

Did you know that YEGO runs a daycare?

Many of the women connected with YEGO need childcare in order to attend healing retreats, receive counselling, participate in education, find employment, or hold down a job. With the help of donations from Anne and Bill Hill of Edmonton, Canada, Athanasie’s dream of a daycare to help these women has become a reality.



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Retreat #2

Mar 6 – 8:  Kindness and Compassion

Day 1

The women and girls are all previous retreat participants, so it was good for everyone to reconnect. Craft time gives the women a chance to be creative and to share. Tea time is important too. For many women who struggle to provide one meal a day for their families, tea time is a special treat. After a lesson on how God cares for us, the women started a mural, made of butterflies covered with words describing how God sees them.


Mural making

Day 2

Today the group talked about the need to recognize and name our feelings in order to heal. We studied Hagar’s life and named the feelings she would have had at different stages of her life. The women then shared their feelings in small groups. A number of women were contemplating suicide but through Yego they have found a family where they feel safe. By end of day, the talk centred around gratitude and how it can move us from a circle of fear to a circle of love.


Shared feelings


Day 3

Today’s lesson was about compassion. The women embroidered intertwining hearts to illustrate that compassion connects our hearts. Worship started with lively singing and dancing. Emmanuel had just started preaching when some of the women “challenged” what he was saying. A discussion followed until a consensus was reached and the sermon continued. It is International Women’s Day so maybe a challenge was in order.


Women’s retreat participants and leaders

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Yego programs off and running!

Computer-assisted learning (CAL) program

The CAL program aims to help women and youth who have not had a chance to go to university. It’s a 6-month program, offered free of charge. The first class graduated this week! Below is a picture of them proudly displaying their completion certificates. The second class is ready to begin. For more information about the program, see: Update on computer-assisted learning or More than a computer class


Dance and music program

Students from the program performed as part of the celebrations to recognize the first CAL program graduates and to officially open the new sewing program.


Sewing program

Kae Neufeld writes:

After we cut the ribbon for the new sewing centre we had a demonstration of how to use the machines. Then our first student threaded a machine and sewed some stitches.



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