YEGO Christmas Party 2016

christmas2016-5Since the beginning of its operations in Rwanda, Yego Rwanda foundation has carried on the custom of hosting an annual Christmas party for its family which includes the youth  beneficiaries and their families and well wishers.

This year, the party was hosted on the 27th of December at the Kigali Parents school grounds. It was attended by over  49 children and at least 12 parents and friends of the children.

The guest of honor this year, was the Honorable Athanasie Gahondogo, a member of the Rwandan parliament as well as a member of the Yego Rwanda board.

christmas2016-2The Guest of Honor was flanked by the president of Yego, Mrs. Athanasie Mukarutesi and the executive director Rev. Gatera Emmanuel.

After a quick beginning prayer the party was off to a happy start with dances from the Yego troupe, which graced the stage with the Rwandan ballet moves, the children were very excited and they danced along.


The dances were interspersed with different activities which included a session where the children wrote down what their honest evaluations of Yego and if any contribution it had made to their lives.

Most of the children who wrote down said they were grateful to Yego for paying their school fees and giving them scholastic materials, care and counseling  and others talked about the sense of community and friendships they had formed with the other members of Yego.

They also remarked on the fact that they had been amazed by their friends who had visited them from Canada saying that for some of them it was the first time they had met people from Canada.

christmas2016-6Other activities included group counseling sessions where the children shared traumatic experiences from their year and how it had affected them. The counseling session was led by the director and was helped by some of the Yego staff and volunteers.

During the party the children played some games including tag, hide and seek.

There were speeches too, from the president; Mrs.Gatera, who read the Bible from Proverbs 4:4 to them while stressing the importance of loving God and trusting him for everything.

The guest of honor Hon. Gahondogo also spoke to them urging them to stay in school by pointing out that school is very important in getting a good job later in life and also in reading and writing. She pointed out that they too could become members of parliament if they chose to study hard and get good grades.

Of course like any other party there was plenty of food and drink and the children enjoyed them  and celebrated Christmas  and the end of the year as they were entertained by members of the troupe.


When the time for the party was ending, Rev. Gatera closed the ceremony with a prayer; but before he could do that the Yego troupe as well as the other beneficiaries surprised him by coming to the stage and singing happy birthday to him.

YEGO Rwanda Christmas Party 2016

The party ended on that hearty note.

After the party all the children were availed with transport fares back to their homes.

Yego Rwanda is thankful to its friends  especially Yego Canada group and family who help us to make events like these possible. It is also thankful to God, most importantly because He is the one who has availed to us this opportunity.

About YEGO Rwanda

YEGO is a Kinyarwanda word meaning YES. YEGO or YES to building a truly loving and hopeful generation in Rwanda. The YEGO Foundation says "YES" to helping support and empower Rwandan orphans to: Heal from trauma Obtain education and develop skills Grow physically and spiritually Unite and reconcile with other Tutsi and Hutu orphans Instil hope for the future
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