The Hope that Remains: Canadian Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide

Christine Magill on a visit to Rwanda.

Friend and supporter of YEGO Rwanda, Christine Magill recounts the stories of 10 immigrants in her new book, The Hope that Remains: Canadian Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide. Christine explains why she wrote the book.

For many people the thought of reading a book about genocide survivors can be intimidating and difficult. What is important about this book is that the overall themes are those of hope and resiliency. It is about moving beyond the numbers or the headlines and instead hearing the stories and the voices of those who lived through the genocide and how they have found a way to live again after the genocide. I wanted readers to understand how survivors had lives and families and friends and be able to see the similarities to their own lives. Through these stories we are reminded of the power of humans to overcome, to be resilient, to forgive, to show compassion, and to find hope where no hope seems to exist. The lessons transcend the stories and teach us to reflect on our own lives and what is truly important. You will come away from reading this book touched by the lives of these incredible individuals.

Christine Magill

A portion of the book’s royalties will be donated to YEGO Rwanda. To order your copy, or to learn more about the book, visit: The Hope That Remains.

About YEGO Rwanda

YEGO is a Kinyarwanda word meaning YES. YEGO or YES to building a truly loving and hopeful generation in Rwanda. The YEGO Foundation says "YES" to helping support and empower Rwandan orphans to: Heal from trauma Obtain education and develop skills Grow physically and spiritually Unite and reconcile with other Tutsi and Hutu orphans Instil hope for the future
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