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About YEGO Rwanda

YEGO is a Kinyarwanda word meaning YES. YEGO or YES to building a truly loving and hopeful generation in Rwanda. The YEGO Foundation says "YES" to helping support and empower Rwandan orphans to: Heal from trauma Obtain education and develop skills Grow physically and spiritually Unite and reconcile with other Tutsi and Hutu orphans Instil hope for the future

Giving Tuesday

How you can change lives The years 2020 and 2021 have proven to be ones of great change around the world. Change that has deeply impacted our lives, communities and the beneficiaries we serve. Our commitment to supporting traumatized Rwandans … Continue reading

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Giving Tuesday is only one week away

We hope you’ve been inspired by the stories of hope we’ve highlighted over the last several weeks. Even during COVID lockdowns, YEGO staff were working hard to help Rwandans in need. This past pandemic year, we’ve: Provided counselling support Delivered … Continue reading

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Education Support

YEGO Rwanda continues to provide educational support to vulnerable children in primary and secondary school, as well as university. Education has been very much affected by COVID-19 lockdowns. But currently, the sponsored students have returned to school and are studying. … Continue reading

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Gatesi Excellence Daycare

YEGO Rwanda’s daycare provides an opportunity for single mothers to leave their children in a safe, caring, educational setting while they go out to earn a living. The daycare has 81 children and 5 staff who take care of them … Continue reading

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Food Distribution

Another way YEGO Rwanda helps vulnerable Rwandans, especially during the pandemic, is by supplying emergency food and sanitary supplies. Each month we supply food to ten of the neediest families. We do it on a rotation basis, one zone after … Continue reading

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Counselling Services and Healing Retreats

Counselling has helped the beneficiaries of YEGO Rwanda – women, girls and boys. Most of the women who attended healing retreats have healed, recovered hope, and are eager to work hard and earn a living. COVID-19 has added another layer … Continue reading

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Eliane’s story

Last week, we told you about Ruth and her daughter Berthe, and how they are working hard to heal from trauma and become self-sufficient. This week we’re focusing on Eliane. This is her story. Eliane is now 60 years old. … Continue reading

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Women making a difference

YEGO staff identified two women’s stories we have a lot to learn from. Thanks to their trauma healing, resilience, endurance, creativity, love of justice, stamina and hard work, they were able to make a great difference in their homes, zones … Continue reading

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Graduation Day

Today, 14 of our students graduated from Gatesi Excellence Daycare. The graduates – 11 boys and 3 girls – will soon be moving on to elementary school. While attending our daycare, they received care, love and life foundation skills including: … Continue reading

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Update from Emmanuel

YEGO Rwanda Update: July 2021 These last few months, Rwanda has experienced various events and situations – some sad and some celebratory. COVID-19 COVID-19 is rampant and getting worse. Last year we often had less than 100 new cases daily, … Continue reading

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