Documentation and Expenditure

The YEGO Rwanda Foundation is a nationally recognized NGO that has been published in the Official Gazette for the Republic of Rwanda (see Official Gazette Year 50 n° 49 bis 05 December 2011). We strive to comply with all the standards required of an NGO.

Below you can find our updates, budgets, reports and strategic plans.


Day Care Update March 2021

YEGO Annual Report 2020

YEGO Budget 2020-2021

YEGO Action Plan 2020-2021

COVID-19 Update October 2020

COVID-19 Update May 2020

YEGO Update April 2020

YEGO Annual Report 2019

YEGO Christmas Party 2019

Computer-Assisted Learning Program Update May 2019

YEGO Strategic Plan Update 2018

YEGO Strategic Plan 2018

Rwanda Genocide Statement 2018

YEGO Healing Retreats March 2018

YEGO Annual Christmas Party 2016

YEGO Visitors 2016

YEGO Rwanda Action Plan 2011

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