Rwanda Visit – Day 17

Home visit

Emmanuel and Athanasie regularly minister to several women and children who need their support and the help of YEGO. The team brought rice, beans, sugar, porridge, and laundry soap to a young mom today. The visits remind the women that they are not forgotten, and that they are cared for.


Bringing food and ministering to a young mom at a home visit.

Computer-assisted learning

The Internet was set up today! All is ready for the grand opening of the computer-assisted learning centre tomorrow.


Getting the computer-assisted learning centre set up.


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Day 3 – Retreat #2


Group shot at end of level-2 retreat.

The level-2 retreat ended amidst much joy, laughter and song. The song that ended up being the theme for the weekend was God is So Good. Over and over, it expressed the feelings of the women. In case you’re wondering what it might sound like, here is a link to a small group in Uganda singing God is So Good.


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Day 2 – Retreat #2

In the Level 1 retreat the women shared their stories of pain and suffering. Now in Level 2 they are sharing their journeys of healing. There were many stories but the one that came through frequently was the movement from isolation and loneliness to finding a community where they feel safe and valued. The retreats have given them a family where they can share their lives. The day was filled with joy and laughter.

The women have found healing and now they want to find ways of reaching other people in Rwanda to help them heal. They have so many needs but their thoughts turn to helping others.


In addition to sharing, the women and girls love the creativity of colouring and painting.

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Day 1 of Retreat #2

Today was the start of the second retreat. The women and youth have all been to a retreat before. This time the theme is Finding Hope. When the bus arrived the air was filled with the sound of singing. This group loves to sing. When we sing our gathering song, they are quick to grab the instruments and continue to sing. What fun!


Two of the women have brought their toddlers so at times we need to multitask by providing childcare.


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Rwanda Visit – Day 11


Selecting computers for YEGO’s Computer-Assisted Learning program.

Shopping for computers

Today was computer-shopping day, African-style. After visiting a couple of shops to compare products and prices, the word was out. By the time the YEGO group got to the third shop, a proprietor from a few blocks away approached them to come to his shop.

Pascal (the teacher) picked the computers, Carolyn agreed, Emmanuel and Divine set the budget, and when all that was in place, Athanasie stepped in as the chief negotiator. They managed to get a good price and all went away happy.

There are now desks and computers at the Yego Centre. Hopefully all will be up and running on Wednesday for the official opening with the mayor.


From left: Athanasie, Carolyn, Divine, Pascal, Emmanuel.

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Rwanda Visit – Day 10


Kae Neufeld making a home visit.

Home visits

The women that YEGO visits all have something in common. They all struggled with loneliness but now they have a community that cares about them. They are grateful for visitors because then they know they are not forgotten. They have all experienced love in their lives as a result of the retreats.

Computer-assisted learning

Carolyn interviewed four more people who are interested in computer-assisted learning. She is now compiling all the profiles so that that local staff can select proper programs.


Carolyn Neufeld interviewing students for computer-assisted learning.

Did you know?

The government of Rwanda gives vulnerable families a cow to help them with milk for themselves as well as the option to sell the extra. They are required to give the first calf to another needy family.


The distribution of cows outside the YEGO Centre provides a pleasant background “moosic.”

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Women’s Healing Retreat 2019 – Day 3


Closing day, 2019 women’s retreat.

Retreat leader Kae Neufeld says, “Even one story makes the trip worthwhile, but there are so many more.” Here is one such story.

One of the youth asked on Friday if she could tell her story to one of the leaders rather than in a group. On Saturday she was so concerned about what others knew about her, feeling so embarrassed, afraid of being known. Last night she made herself vulnerable to Carolyn who spent time with her. Carolyn discovered that this girl is a poet and encouraged her to share her poem. Today she stood up in the large group and recited her poem describing her challenges. It was so powerful that we had to pass around the box of tissues. This afternoon she got on the bus, no longer ashamed but beaming as she embraced her new friends. She now has a place where she is safe.


Everyone at the retreat gets a “mailbox” where others deliver notes of compassion, encouragement and support. These are brought home and treasured.

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