Meet Rose

When she was six years old, Rose’s father passed away due to HIV/AIDS. Her mother has been infected for years and has become quite ill. Unable to pay for food, housing, and Rose’s education all at the same time, her mother became suicidally depressed.

Under normal circumstances, this situation would leave Rose with no choice but to drop out, leaving her more vulnerable to sexual abuse and a future of poverty. Some girls are even forced into early marriages or prostitution as a way to feed themselves and their families.

For Rose, there is hope for a different future.

YEGO began supporting Rose in 2008 by providing counseling for her mother when she was suicidal and for Rose and her younger siblings as well.

Thanks to YEGO’s financial assistance, Rose has completed her primary education and is entering her second year of secondary school.

YEGO is currently looking at the possibility of helping Rose enter a boarding school since her mother cannot afford electricity, making it impossible for Rose to study in the evenings. It will also help her mother to provide for the rest of her children.

To help Rose and other children like her, please consider helping YEGO Rwanda today.

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