Plan 2013-2014

Yego-Rwanda’s planned activities: July 2013 – June 2014

  1. Visiting and counselling. Yego-Rwanda volunteers will visit 30 orphans in their homes to:
    • Listen and have a conversation with them
    • Identify their needs
    • Collect the necessary information (conduct a basic psychological interview) which will help us know them better
    • Update their files and respond effectively to their needs.
  2. Extend counselling to Gasabo district. Yego-Rwanda staff plans to extend consultations, counselling and psychological treatments, to 82 traumatized youth living with HIV & AIDS in Gasabo district who are in great need. Due to high demand, Yego will need the help of two experienced counsellors to work with these youth. The work will be organized as follows:
    • Identification of children for counselling services
    • Initial screening/interviews to identify the problems
    • Consultations and psychological treatments to the traumatized youth
  3. Dancing and singing group. Yego-Rwanda plans to continue this program to support healing the youth. We need funds to pay their trainer and buy more equipment for dance and music. Many benefits to at-risk youth have been confirmed through interviews including:
    • Opportunities to break down isolation, social integration
    • Increased trust, self–esteem and confidence
    • Psychological, physical, spiritual and trauma healing
  4. Drama performance group. Yego–Rwanda also plans to create a drama performance group in February 2014 and provide more opportunities for social integration and cathartic healing.
  5. Christmas party. Yego–Rwanda will organize the second Christmas party for all our 60 orphan beneficiaries to celebrate Christmas together and wish them the blessings of the New Year 2014. This is the time many Rwandans re-connect with their family members to celebrate Christmas and New Year.
  6. School materials. Yego-Rwanda will also donate school materials to 30 very needy orphans. These materials consist of exercise books, rulers, pens, pencils and mathematical sets. Without these materials, the children are not allowed to attend school.
  7. Library and tutoring services. Yego-Rwanda wishes to launch a library and tutoring service for orphans in January 2014 to help the struggling children catch up with their education. Two Kobo e-readers would be purchased for this work. We look forward to having more Kobos in the future and an experienced teacher volunteer to help Yego-Rwanda develop this important program.
  8. School programs for peace. Yego-Rwanda plans to organize a campaign from March through June 2014 among primary and secondary students in six schools in Kigali. This campaign will focus on tolerance, forgiveness, and reconciliation among students themselves. Presentations about trauma, its symptoms and how to deal with it will be incorporated. The school children will be sensitized towards creating and living in peace, in their hearts, in their daily lives, in their homes, their schools, communities, and nation for peace in global communities.
  9. Education sponsorships. Yego-Rwanda also plans to sponsor 14 children in total between January through December2014 (seven youth in informal education and seven in formal education). In fact, nearly half of Yego-Rwanda youth beneficiaries have dropped out of school  due to lack of school fees. There is an urgent need to sponsor more children and help them return to school.
  10. Trauma counselling seminars. Yego-Rwanda plans to organize two seminars on trauma counselling. The first seminar will take place from February 12-14, 2014. It will be intended to create awareness of trauma among our beneficiaries, and how to cope with and heal from it. The second seminar is scheduled from April 2-4, 2014 and will be intended for mature orphans and selected widows responsible for households to equip them with trauma healing skills so that they might help their children, siblings and friends suffering from trauma when counsellors are not available. Each seminar will gather 20 persons.
  11. Office equipment. Yego–Rwanda urgently needs a photocopier/printer for its daily office work and we wish to purchase this in August 2013.
  12. Office rent. Yego-Rwanda needs to pay its office rent for one year.
  13. Travel expenses. Yego-Rwanda needs funds to facilitate transportation for its volunteers – two counsellors, a secretary and accountant to help Yego-Rwanda with counselling and office work. The founder and Executive Director offers free service to Yego-Rwanda until the organization will be able to facilitate his services.
  14. Utilities. Communication, water and power are needed for Yego-Rwanda to operate. Funds are needed to meet these costs for the year.

Yego-Rwanda’s estimated budget: July 2013 – June 2014


Rwandan Franc

Canadian Dollar

Visitation of 30 orphans in their homes



School materials to 30 needy orphan youth



Counselling to 82 traumatized youth



Music and dance program



Drama group



Christmas party for Yego beneficiaries



E-library and tutoring services



School fees for 13 youth



Two seminars on trauma healing



Peace education campaigns in six schools



Printer and photocopier
















NOTE:  As Yego-Rwanda’s activities grow, costs and the need for full-time staff increase.  We need at least one full-time staff and one more volunteer to support the current volunteers in managing office operations and responding to the needs of our beneficiaries and our Rwandan partners who cooperate with us.

Emmanuel Gatera (Rev), Founder and Executive Director, Yego-Rwanda


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