As an organization established by families to serve vulnerable families and youths, we stand for empowerment, equality, peace, health, and compassion. As parents, we love our children and want to see them succeed. Similarly, we look out across our nation and see a generation of youth who need help, and we long to see them have the best future they can. A nation’s future lies in its youth, and we cannot rebuild Rwanda without investing in the next generation.

Social and political inequalities have contributed to the oppression of many different groups. These people live in the margins of every society. In the Rwandan culture, widows have few resources yet have tremendous challenges and responsibilities. They have few rights, little education, and often suffer from HIV/AIDS, yet they must provide for their children, often without the assistance of family and friends. Members of child-headed households also face similar challenges, and victims of HIV/AIDS struggle with stigma for a disease that they often contracted at birth. Our activities intend to help empower these groups to overcome their social problems and become self-sufficient.

As an ecumenically oriented, non-denominational NGO, we believe in equality. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or religion. We believe that each human being is to be respected and loved, regardless of differences. Leading by example, we take the first steps towards making a more equal Rwanda and a more equal world.

The heart of God is revealed in the Gospel as love for creation, and Christian teaching (as well as the teaching of other religions) emphasizes practicing love. If we are to truly love our neighbours as ourselves, then we need to give tangible, meaningful expressions of kindness and support to those who need it. If we are to truly love God with our whole beings, then we must start by loving the least of these with all that we are. We are fueled by God’s love for creation, and everything we do is an expression of God’s compassion as revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus.

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