YEGO Canada

YEGO Canada helps support the work of the Gateras and their team in Rwanda through:

  • fundraising initiatives
  • developing publicity materials
  • building our website
  • raising awareness of the Rwandan situation
  • providing consultation

Their constant friendship has been a source of encouragement through each challenge that YEGO has faced.

Geoff Wilfong-Pritchard
Geoff first met Emmanuel at St. Stephen’s College at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada, where Emmanuel is studying for his Doctor of Ministry degree. Geoff is a professor, doctoral supervisor, and the minister at St. Andrew’s United Church in Edmonton.

Gordon Oaks
Rev. Dr. Gordon J Oaks is a retired minister of the United Church of Canada. He has served congregations in Northern Canada; Edmonton, Alberta; Melbourne Australia, Harare, Zimbabwe. While doing an Exchange Ministry in Zimbabwe he served the Methodist and Anglican Churches. This experience has led him to support Emmanuel Gatera in his program in Canada and be part of the Yego Canada Committee since its founding.

Helen Lee
I am a Registered Nurse, retired from my career but do work on a casual basis. I have one son. I was in Rwanda for five weeks in 2007 to do some volunteer work. It was an amazing and heartwarming experience! I lived with a family during that time. Living with a family enabled me to see not only their daily struggles but their inner strengths, positiveness and strong sense of family. Rwanda will always have a special place in my heart.

Brett Pituka
Over the past 10 years my wife Sarah and I have had the opportunity to travel extensively through many regions of the world while working or volunteering in 6 of the 7 continents. These experiences have shaped my personality and given direction to my life as I feel focused and motivated to utilize my resources as a Canadian to assist with needs in the developing world. Most importantly, I have learned many lessons such as the importance of community and the role positive relationships play in the journey of the world’s most impoverished people to make the best of their difficult situation. I returned from my first trip to Africa in Nov. 2011 and was changed forever after visiting with genocide survivors supported by YEGO Rwanda. I have made it my aspiration to continue ongoing efforts to aid YEGO in achieving its goals as a registered charity.

Sarah Findlay
I am a registered nurse from Scotland and, along with my husband Brett, have been fortunate enough to use my skills in many areas of the world including Central and South America, Africa, Australia, and Canada. I have a passion for working alongside women to help empower them to gain improved health, thus disseminating through their families and communities, while promoting positive interactions as a way to build stronger ties within society. I have been involved in raising over $20, 000 for various charities, with YEGO being the current focus of my efforts. I was introduced to YEGO Rwanda during a recent visit to Africa and am driven to help the organization fulfil their goal of supporting the survivors of the 1994 genocide.

Anne Hill
Dr. Anne Hill was an elementary school teacher for more than 25 years and has a PhD in Early Childhood Education. Her writing and current teaching interests are related to pedagogical presence and teacher education. She is currently active with St. Stephen’s College on the University of Alberta Campus and that is where she met Emmanuel Gatera. “The work YEGO does, and the way relationships and young people are nurtured is heartwarming and well grounded.”

Jean-Marie Ndahiro

Chris Standring
I first met Emmanuel Gatera when I interviewed him for a feature in the Edmonton Journal. I found his story compelling and totally inspiring. Here is a man who has every reason to be bitter about what happened to his people during the genocide. But instead he dedicates his life and learning to peace, healing and helping vulnerable children move forward from the events that shattered their lives. Somehow Emmanuel has awakened in all of us involved in YEGO Canada a vision of what is possible through forgiveness.

Shirley Wilfong-Pritchard
I work in strategic marketing for the Alberta Government. I met Emmanuel through my husband Geoff, and was touched by his story and the almost overwhelming prospect of trying to help heal a nation. I’m happy to contribute to YEGO Rwanda through gifts of my time to provide web design, graphic design, writing and editing. I hope what I do can help support the important work taking place in Rwanda.

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